Whether it concerns a school, catering facility, shopping center, conference hall, hotel, ship, fire station, factory or call center in commercial construction, it is important to make a right choice in the type of sanitary wall and the user group.
Kupan knows beside the building regulations also comfort classes. We advise to look in particular at the level of comfort when determining the type of sanitary walls.

For example, do you want a compact HPL wall or a sandwich panel? Do you want normal door fittings or do you  prefer a lock or latch?  Kupan offers you several options and solutions.

It is for you as a company  important that you do business with a company that provides good work, communicates fine and fulfill its commitments. Kupan offers several possibilities and prefer to find solutions to solve your problems.

Options for your sanitary washroom:

  • toilet roll holders
  • hygiene wipes dispenser
  • fragrance dispenser
  • sanitary napkin sachets with holder
  • bins (standing or hanging)
  • door fittings with microban
  • vanity units
  • sound box against flushing sounds

For more options see our webshop.

You have a choice of three cubicle lines: Essence Line, Comby Line and our Excellent Line. The choice is yours what cab line is most suitable for your project