Educational Environment

From Kindergarten to University Kupan has the solution for you in terms of the design of your washroom.

For an educational environment we realize toilet units which satisfy the high requirements in terms of durability, vandal resistance, hygiene and safety. The cubicle  needs to be accessible quickly and efficiently during an emergency.

We gladly help you to create a concept to furnish your sanitary facilities. In order to satisfy your requirements we provide cubicles with various options.

For preschoolers one can choose a Kids cubicle. This cubicle has low walls so that supervisors can keep an eye on the preschoolers. 
Furthermore, the doors can be edited or created with special children's themes or contours.

In addition to the toilet units we also supply lockers with specifically on the education market-related mechanical or electronic closing doorlocks.

We offer a variety of options to enrich your visit to the toilet.

Options for your sanitary washroom:

  • toilet roll holders
  • hygiene wipes dispenser
  • fragrance dispenser
  • sanitary napkin sachets with holder
  • bins (standing or hanging)
  • door fittings with microban
  • vanity units
  • sound box against flushing sounds

For more options see our webshop.

The most popular variant for use in an educational environment is our Essence Line, for stability.