Delivering changing rooms and toilet cabins in health care is one of the specialties of Kupan. Let us help you with organize your changing room as functional as possible.

Antibacterial fittings, handles and handrails are included in our accessory assortment. For the establishment of the laboratory, clean room or sterile room we can serve you.

In healthcare staff are dressed in uniform and working in different divided shifts. The changing area should be therefore arranged that the ability to change clothes and store personal clothing and possessions belongs to the possibilities.

Kupan staff lockers are available in many variations namely sizes, formats and locking capabilities. We can offer a perfect solution for every question.
By making use of electronic closing capabilities and specific software is the possibility arise to use the same lockers with several people.

Options for your sanitary washroom:

  • toilet roll holders
  • hygiene wipes dispenser
  • fragrance dispenser
  • sanitary napkin sachets with holder
  • bins (standing or hanging)
  • door fittings with microban
  • vanity units
  • sound box against flushing sounds

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