Every branch of industry requires its own solutions for sanitation changing facilities and toilet facilities, this usually requires specific customization.

Our International experience can help to organize your changing area to suit your requirements and wishes. Taking into account the requirements that must fulfill your changing facilities and toilet facilities.

Whether to provide a concept for the food industry, cleanrooms, pharmaceutical, electronics and other sectors of industry, Kupan can give you a solution that fits your needs.

Options for your sanitary washroom:

  • toilet roll holders
  • hygiene wipes dispenser
  • fragrance dispenser
  • sanitary napkin sachets with holder
  • bins (standing or hanging)
  • door fittings with microban
  • vanity units
  • sound box against flushing sounds

For more options see our webshop.

The most popular variant for use in a industrail environment is our Essence Line, for use on the manufacturing floor and our Excellent Line for use in the office area.