Leisure parks

Entrepreneurs of Leisure Parks know exactly what guests wish. Guest of Leisure parks are keen on the hygienic circumstances in restrooms. No matter how exciting the Theme Park might be, everyone will use one of the restrooms several times a day. Capacity space, cleanliness, and comfort during visit of the restrooms are very much appreciated when they are properly equipped.

Modern, attractive and clean spacious toilet cubicles are often the topic of the day when they are not ok.

Kupan will gladly help to design and determine the Logistics for restrooms. Sanitary buildings better use, and a good atmosphere ensure that your guests when you keep coming back. Do offer the perfect service, to get maximum customer satisfaction

Kupan provides concepts in various budget variations and styles that you as an entrepreneur with our advisors to determine the right concept for your company. In the subject selection criteria, I recommend you to pay close attention to the issue of comfort and logistics. With Kupan you can simply offer the privacy of a modern toilet facility which it is easy and successfully maintain.

Unique is the large collection of theme doors for Kids, the patented Finger-safe cubicle hinges series Essence and the freely suspended cubicle concepts so that when cleaning is done, there are less structural objects on the floor.

The most popular version is Comby free hanging. The last couple of years, a lot more attention is going to the privacy for the guests. For this we offer the walls from floor to ceiling.