Office Environments

In this time an ideal working environment is a necessary condition to inspire employees.

A well-equipped washroom with the right facilities is also part of a pleasant working environment. A sanitary space that is distinctive ensures contented employees and guests of your business.
If an employee or guest feels comfortable on the toilet then the ultimate intimate feeling is achieved. With a well-equipped toiletfacilities you can achieve this feeling.

We will gladly help you to create a concept to furnish your sanitary facilities. To ensure the privacy of your staff and guests we provide cubicles with various options.
By choosing a cubicle that runs from floor to ceiling, you offer complete privacy to your users.

We offer a variety of options to enrich your visit to the toilet.

Options for your sanitary washroom:

  • toilet roll holders
  • hygiene wipes dispenser
  • fragrance dispenser
  • sanitary napkin sachets with holder
  • bins (standing or hanging)
  • door fittings with microban
  • vanity units
  • sound box against flushing sounds

For more options see our webshop.

The most popular variant for use in an office environment is our Excellent cubicle. For maximum privacy and comfort elements.