Who are we?

Kupan wants to be a flexible, innovative organization for all of its market segments. It is important that we need to know our customers and help our clients to make the right choices.

Where intensive use or special circumstances require exceptional quality, Kupan has the proper answers for you. In a demanding environment is the craftsmanship of Kupan and experience your guarantee for a sustainable, trouble-free operation. Kupan manufactures and installs shower, toilet, changing rooms, lockers, partitions, doors, wardrobes, vanity units and cleanroom furniture.

We distinguish ourselves by good hosesty, and good solutions, thoughtful preparation, careful rapid installation and seamless handover. Kupan is by the quality of both the product and the organization has become the standard-setting company in its field.
Our interior design sets the mood; gives class and appearance, also purely functional spaces. In free form and color choice options we offer you a world of possibilities.