Kupan aims to be a flexible, attractive and service-oriented sales organisation in all of the markets it supplies.We achieve this by examining our customers’ needs and helping them make the right choices. Our object is to ensure that our customers are highly satisfied with our products, our organisation and our service.

The style and character of our activities and the developments within the different product groups have led us to gain a permanent position among the top companies in the world in a specialist field in which we set the standard and determine the service. Our approach and processes are designed to maintain this standard-setting image and to strengthen it where possible.

Kupan also aspires to be a company where people who enjoy working together are given opportunities to develop their skills not only in their present position but also for their future career.

We protect the environment by reducing the creation of waste at source. Our choice of materials is based on a careful consideration of the use of these materials and the environmental aspects. We re use and recycle waste on a daily basis in order to limit disposal to a minimum and to preserve natural resources for future generations.