Which cubicle wall line is suitable for you?

Kupan toilet cubicles are designed for intensive use in demanding environments. Such as educational establishments, swimming pools, industrial environments, leisure parks, sport facilities and utility projects. The toilet cubicles  focused on safety, design and reduction of maintenance are highly regarded.

Based on a number of key requirements you can find which cubicle type is most suitable for your branch. However, every branch has its own requirements and levels of luxury.

Our cubicle configurator offers you a choice of three cubicle lines in different versions.  You can choose between the following cubicle lines:
Essence    Line: Economical, safe and stylish
Comby      Line: Robust and flexible
Excellent   Line: For a look that impresses

The application of the type of sanitary wall is mostly dependent on the environment in which it is placed.
To assist you in making a good choice, you can use our cubicle configuration tool. This tool will give you a correct picture of the type of cubicle you have selected.