Kupan disabled toilet cubicles

Convenience, comfort, safety and enough space are the key words for a good disabled toilet cubicle.
Our disabled toilet cubicle is a special cubicle designed to accommodate people with handicaps, disability, or other physical or mental limitations.
Nowadays we must take into consideration the variation in wheelchairs who need access to toilet and shower facilities.
Our disabled toilet cubicle fulfill these conditions.

For people with a disability is accessibility to public and common areas very important. Our disabled toilet cubicles are suitable for wet areas, provided with good locks and hinges. The user must be able to close the cubicle properly and have the confidence to be able to use in total privacy.

Depending on your specific wishes and available space, choose various options. The following options belong to the possibility: different heights, free hanging and various colors. But also to choose a suitable door is one of the options. You can choose a large revolving door,  but even more convenient is the use of a sliding door. A sliding door for a disabled toilet cubicle is the most comfortable way for a disabled person to open.

Our disabled cubicles are obviously not only be applied in swimming pools, sports facilities and shopping centers, but also suitable in an industrial environment, schools, airports and many other branches.

As an addition to our disabled cubicles, we can also provide you with lockers that are adapted for wheelchair users. A custom wardrobe system is also an option as a complement. Our “Omnia” wardrobe system  can be adapted to your requirements. So that it is user-friendly for wheelchair users.

If you would like more information please contact us. We gladly help you with the development of a suitable layout of your sanitary facilities.